University of York – Ph.D. spotlight competition

As you might know, I’m currently studying at the University of York as a member of the York Music Psychology group to study Musician’s Focal Dystonia further. The University organises a prestigious competition each year: the Ph.D. spotlight. 9 Ph.D. students are chosen as finalists to showcase their research to the general public, three from each of the following subject areas: Arts and Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences. This year – due to the number of applications and the quality of the presented projects – the committee decided to choose 12 finalists instead of 9.

Together with 11 other fellow students, I have been chosen, which in itself was a great honour and also, a surprise, given that I only started my first year. On the 9th of January, I had the opportunity to talk about my research in the form of a poster presentation to many members of the general public and also the committee of the competition.

I’m extremely thrilled to announce, that I not only won my own category, the Arts and Humanities, but I was also awarded with the overall prize of the competition.

Jack Smith, Anna Detari and Caroline Casey – the winners of Science, Arts and Humanities, and Social Science categories at the Ph.D. Spotlight competition in 2019
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