The science of focal dystonia

Ever since I started to look deeper into MFD, I found that there are essentially two main sources of information: scientific literature, which rigorously researches certain aspects of the condition, and the often contradictory advice of individual musicians who recovered.

The former is strict and therefore more reliable, but its scope is often narrow, the language complicated and it is hard to get access to it. The latter is not always reliable since it tends to be very subjective, but usually views the condition in a holistic way, and has practical advice.  Both sides have their substantial value and advocates and both sides have reasonable success in exploring and treating the condition, but I have always felt that a better communication between them would benefit us all.

As a former sufferer and coach, but also a Ph.D. student researching the condition I have access to both sides. On this page, I’ll use this unique position to discuss and summarise the scientific literature, present the findings of my own research and compare it to the experience of musicians and coaches. You’ll also find links to open-access articles, not only on the field of MFD but other similar and comparable conditions.

I hope you will find the information useful!


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