Text neck / Practice neck / MFD neck

“Text neck” is a very common postural fault among my MFD clients, but in their case, we probably should call it “practice neck”.

Wind players will tend to push their head forward to meet the instrument, instead of raising the instrument to meet the embouchure. Pianists lean over the keyboard, guitarists drop their heads in order to watch their fingers.

As Madeline Bruser states in her book, The Art of Practicing:

We are conditioned to think that making music is a licence for using our bodies in strange and uncomfortable ways, and for holding these postures for hours, days, and years on end.

Correcting unhealthy posture is the first step to recovery.

Here is a great article about ‘text neck’, which helps you understand the seriousness of the problem:


And helpful exercises to help you correct your posture:



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