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Dear Anna,

Back home from an inspiring session in Budapest, I feel the urge to say that I am really happy that I took the effort. When we worked on different issues like posture, breathing, and mental direction and many more, you were always empathic and positive. You told me the things you would have liked to hear from somebody when you were in the situation yourself some years ago. The information was really valuable. I understand a bit more what is going on now and how to organize my way out of it.

The good thing about this approach is that it addresses the problem from different perspectives and takes care of the individual situation as well. I still have to do the careful retraining in the practice room by myself but I know where to walk and have got some more tools for the way. Thanks a lot for that. All the best for you.
Ulrich Thevißen, French horn player, Germany

I recommend Anna as an experienced and empathic coach for musicians with Focal Dystonia. She knows the condition very well, as she has suffered from MFD, and recovered by herself.

She has a very careful and detailed approach to retraining, and tailor-made our sessions for me as an individual.

The information Anna has given me is very valuable, and I made significant progress after just a couple of sessions. I am now on my way to recovery and can continue my retraining alone.

Thank you very much, Anna!
Gyula Czeloth-Csetényi, Professional flutist, Hungary

I started working together with Anna on my MFD at the beginning of May 2016 after having suffered from symptoms for 2 years. Her friendly, positive attitude and professionalism made me confident right from the start that the retraining is going to be successful and that I will be able to play my instrument again symptom-free.

All of our sessions were spent in a playful and upbeat atmosphere and I could feel the positive benefits right after our first meeting. After diligently practicing the breathing and mental exercises I was already able to play simple rudiments on the drums without any symptoms.

After one month of coaching sessions, we both agreed with Anna that I was ready to continue the retraining on my own. After 4 months I am glad to tell that I am 100% MFD free and I am able to fulfill my role as a drummer in my band again after a long time.

I can feel that thanks to the retraining I did not only regain my ability to play the drums but developed such a high level of consciousness to my own playing that I became a much better drummer and musician than I ever was before.

Thank you, Anna, for everything!
Attila Pécz, Drummer, Hungary



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