Skype Coaching

The coaching sessions aim to provide support and advice of the rehabilitation process.

The sessions start with information about the condition- based on the latest scientific research and the experience of 5 years of coaching – since understanding the issue help the rehabilitation greatly. After this initial part, I create a personal retraining program, tailored to the specific needs of each client, containing different sets of exercises and a detailed practice plan. In the end, I give useful tips on how to cope with the situation on a mental and emotional level.

This first coaching session normally lasts up to 2 hours, with subsequent sessions – if needed – lasting for 1 hour. Longer sessions may be required depending upon your particular situation.

The rehabilitation advice given is based on solving problems with, and finding efficiency in:

  • Playing mechanics – your physical setup
  • Mental direction – the quality and efficiency of signals you send to your body
  • Emotions – removing negative neuro-associations to your instrument and replacing these by reinforcing positive neuro-associations

In a first coaching session, you will be asked to describe your condition and the particular symptoms you’re having, also touching on your playing history and current situation. This part is essential for building up a picture of the possible causes of your MFD, and it informs the practice plan tailored for your recovery. If you feel that your story is long, you’re more than welcome to write it down and send it before the session, so I can be prepared when we start.

Coaching sessions are always treated with the strictest of confidence. 

What you need for a coaching session:

  • Computer with webcam
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Skype account
  • Pen and paper
  • Your instrument

To inquire about coaching, please send a message to

Reviews and previous clients

I have been coaching and helped rehabilitate a number of amateur and professional musicians from around the world. Some of these musicians are well-known in the worlds of jazz and commercial music whilst others occupy positions in professional symphony orchestras.

To read reviews from previous coaching clients, click HERE.

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