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In brief, “what you focus on is what you get”. In this case right now it sounds like you need a tool to a) help you distract the mind-monkeys and b) allow the body to move in a natural, unimpeded way. Set up your posture so that your body is mechanically efficient – that is to say, working as little as possible! And then just three words: Open feeling breathing 🙂

Forum member:
Yes! Thx. I was remembering something about a handbrake that you used to talk about.

Absolutely. We need to release the handbrake – physical and emotional. Rather than pressing your foot harder on the gas pedal, just release the handbrake. You’ll go much faster, and you won’t wear out the engine. In other words, you’ll be playing efficiently, stripping away all the unnecessary physical movement and destructive thoughts. The way to release the handbrake is to aim for efficiency in body mechanics, mental direction, and emotions. Whatever you do, don’t *try* to make movement free and easy…*ALLOW* it to happen with minimal physical and psychological effort. Do only as much as you need to – however much that is – and no more. So, practising isn’t about learning to play the banjo, it’s about learning how little work you need to do in order to play the instrument. That’s releasing the handbrake 🙂

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