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I’ve observed lately that I get the best results when I assign the least possible value to what my hand does. By value I mean treating it like it’s not there or at least, like it’s not worth any of my attention. Like the noisy neighbour next door that makes you miserable. You can stuff cotton in your ears or call the cops or threaten the guy…or you can just ignore him because you’ve got more important things to do. And you you’ve “chosen” not to be miserable. When I treat my tensions that way, they seem to fade away. The whole concept seems to mesh very naturally with the idea of not caring how I sound when I play. When I couldn’t care less how I sound, I play and feel great! Could it be that easy??

Yes, it’s definitely a big part of the puzzle!

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Jon, your advice to do everything with the least amount of effort has been another key aspect. Adjusting one’s perspective is important and it takes practice to get that to become the new “habit”, just like learning to play the instrument took practice.

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