Using your ears

When dealing with focal dystonia it is very easy to go inward. It is easy to think obsessively about our dilemma. We can easily be consumed by dystonia with every waking thought. We could easily be dreaming about it.

But before dystonia was ever a part of us, were we ever so internal about our movement?

Thinking externally

During my recovery I had to re-learn how to think externally. It was important to think outside of dystonia and not let it define me. There are many techniques to help think externally, the most simple being the use of your ears.

We were all taught to use our ears at a young age. The importance of listening was drilled into us. Sometimes we can lose our way but luckily we can re-align with our more formative years. The years when music was joyful and full of expression. The years when you discovered that listening to music was the most amazing thing you had ever experienced.

Getting outside of yourself

using-your-earsWhat I suggest is to try using your ears. It may sound simple, trite and boring but what really happens is much deeper.

You are getting outside of yourself and not allowing dystonia to consume you. You are making music the way it was intended to be made, with the use of your ears.

As a result you will be connecting with your fellow band mates, conductors, chair leaders and audience members. You will effectively be giving dystonia a reason to de-escalate.

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