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Growth mindset

I’ve met many MFD sufferers who have already tried several different retraining programs, but felt that none of them worked. They kept trying, saying that the next coach, doctor, or therapist is going to make a difference, and then felt cheated and in despair over and over again. Mindset There’s a crucial, but often overlooked […]

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Using your ears

When dealing with focal dystonia it is very easy to go inward. It is easy to think obsessively about our dilemma. We can easily be consumed by dystonia with every waking thought. We could easily be dreaming about it. But before dystonia was ever a part of us, were we ever so internal about our […]

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mind monkeys

Mind monkeys

One of the things I always work on with my MFD clients, is mindset. Usually when the symptoms of MFD first appears, it demands attention, and soon the symptom is the only thing we can think about when we’re approaching the instrument. The MFD symptom causes fear, frustration, tension, and all kinds of negative emotions, […]

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