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Shaun Lowecki – focal dystonia story

My name is Shaun Lowecki, I was born in Libertyville Illinois, and I’ve been playing the drums for 21 years. After my formative years in the suburbs of Chicago I was accepted into the jazz program at the New School University in Manhattan. In 2006 I transferred schools and graduated Cume Laude with a Jazz […]

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Child mindset

Can you remember the first time you touched your instrument? The first lesson you had? Or the first time you saw someone playing your instrument, and that feeling of wanting to try it so badly? Can you remember that joy, that enthusiasm? The happiness of experiencing something new, creating something beautiful? What happened? In the […]

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recording and mfd

Recording and practise

Making recordings during a practice session is a great tool. When you listen to a recording of yourself, you get a clearer picture of the level you’re on. Also while recording, you may experience performance anxiety, sometimes even stage fright, and by putting yourself in the situation, you make it easier to deal with it […]

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Recital preparations underway

The bulk of this blog is dedicated to providing free information and advice aimed at helping in the recovery of Musician’s Focal Dystonia. With that said, today’s post is an attempt to simply provide a little inspiration and hope to those of you who may have thought about giving up. And believe me, I do […]

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